We offer excellent quality WRAS approved pipe delivered with short lead times

We offer excellent quality WRAS approved pipe delivered with short lead times

We offer excellent quality WRAS approved pipe delivered with short lead times

We work with asset owners and contractors across the country to supply our potable and non-potable water main and service pipes, fabrications and fittings, which supply schools, homes, offices and commercial developments across the country.


Potable Water

Our polyethylene pipes for drinking water applications are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all manner of projects. From ø20mm through to ø630mm diameter, we can supply pipes to suit a maximum operating pressure of up to 25 bar and are compliant to BS EN 12201 and WRAS drinking water standards.

Polyethylene boasts unique material characteristics compared to traditional materials which means it is a highly flexible, robust, and 100% recyclable solution for installation into our clean water networks. Our water pipes can withstand high pressure applications and are therefore suitable for a variety of industries. Whatever your project’s requirements are, we can help.

Service Pipe

Our PE80 blue potable water service pipe is available in ø20mm – ø63mm and is identified by a light blue colour. Typically supplied in coils up to 200 metres, this is a lightweight solution for supplying water service lines up to and into the home.

Mains Pipe

Our mains pipe is available in sizes from ø90mm ø630mm and made with black core high density PE100 with a co-extruded dark blue PE100 skin. Used in buried potable systems usually up to 16 bar maximum operating pressure.


The preferred method for installers due to a reduction in joints throughout the system. All coils are capped and carefully banded to allow safe transportation, storage, and handling on site. Sizes ø20mm to ø180mm are available and offer many logistical benefits on-site and can be installed in a smaller physical site footprint area.


We offer a full range of butt-welded fabricated fittings from ø90mm to ø630mm (various wall thicknesses). Enabling designers and network operators to install and maintain intricate and complicated networks. Fabricated fittings offer full pressure rated transitions, reduction and diversions within the pipe network which are critical in negotiating around existing infrastructure.

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Non-Potable Water

PE100 pipe – for non-potable water (above & below ground), pumped and pressurised wastewater systems, including sewerage.

Manufactured from virgin PE100 material, our solid wall polyethylene black pipes are ideal for potable (above ground) and non-potable water applications. Typically used for pumped rising mains and general sewer systems, bulk water transfer, and raw water extraction. PE100 pipes offer flexibility with high operating pressure capabilities.

We offer non-potable service and mains pipe along with pressure rated fabrications to suit various applications

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Electrofusion fittings

Electrofusion fittings and polyethylene pipes enable network designers and asset owners to create fully welded pipe networks – avoiding mechanical connections that are more prone to leak.


Benefits of polyethylene pipe

Specifically developed to last at least 50 years in operation at it’s maximum operating pressure, polyethylene pipelines are favored by water companies for the delivery of drinking water to millions of homes across the country and for the distribution and removal of wastewater into water treatment facilities.

Polyethylene boasts material properties that outperform other plastic and metallic alternatives whilst minimising costly maintenance and rehabilitation processes.

• High flexibility and lightweight
• Low friction and high flow rate
• Able to be fusion welded throughout
• Resistance to corrosion
• Suitable for various installation methods
• Cost saving in transportation and installation

Polyethylene has the ability to expand and contract with fluctuating operating system pressures and ground movement, this flexibility whilst maintaining pressure holding strength, means the network remains leak free and suitable for continual use for a very long period.

Able to be fusion welded giving asset owners long term confidence the pipeline will operate leak-free for its full design life.


BS EN 12201 – 2

Plastics piping systems for water supply and for drainage and sewerage under pressure (PE)



Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Certification for safe drinking water applications (PE)


Regulation 31

DWI approval confirmation for correct application and operation of Peak (PE) pipe.