Industry-leading test facilities and site services

Industry-leading test facilities and site services

Industry-leading test facilities and site services

We are proud of the products we produce and we partner with ControlPoint to make sure the quality is always top-notch. This gives our customers confidence that they are getting the best quality products available in the market.



Tensile testing – mechanical performance of welded joints.
C-ring – notch testing, slow crack propagation, lifetime testing.
Bead testing – Bead Diagnostic Instrument (BDI)
Three-point testing for CIPP lining to determine material fatigue.

Scientific analysis

Infrared chemical signature – undertaken on an FTIR.
Time for materials to oxidise – undertaken on a DSC.
Degraded polymers – undertaken on a DSC.
Microscopy – detailed surface examination and photography.

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Our quality approved partner

We have partnered with ControlPoint an unequivocal market leader in quality assurance of polyethylene pipeline networks.

In ControlPoint’s start of the art in-house laboratory, they conduct not only our internal tests (type, periodic, and batch release) but annually 1,000s of tests on pipes, electrofusion fittings and butt fusion joints for external gas, water, and other network owners. All tests are created and undertaken in accordance with relevant industry standards.  Registered as an independent and industry recognised ISO certified test house providing a range of expertise in materials and jointing best practice.

We carry out materials testing, batch release testing, and periodic testing on all our products, guaranteeing ongoing quality, and conformance.

Full List of Service

Electrofusion jointing – real-time, remote inspection with artificial intelligent layer

Full asset data capture (electrofusion & butt-fusion)

Butt fusion – BDI & parameter development

Training – EUSR accredited courses

On-site technical support

Full installation coaching

Full laboratory test services

Full database reporting and analysis


ControlPoint run EUSR-certified training courses on electrofusion, butt fusion, and flange assemblies to raise the knowledge and skills of operators and to continually improve asset installation standards.

  • EUSR jointing by electrofusion
  • EUSR jointing by butt fusion
  • EUSR jointing by flange