With our purpose built manufacturing facility, Peak can offer a vast range of full pressure fabrications for gas, water and industrial applications

Fabrication capabilities

Peak Pipe Systems manufacture and supply various products to suit a range of applications within the utilities, landfill, water and gas industries.

Our experienced team of PE fabricators have hundreds of years of experience between them and have fabricated products for a wide range of applications from landfill, geothermal and anaerobic digestion through to large marine projects.

Peak Pipe Systems designs, manufactures and supplies under an ISO 9001:2015 3rd party accredited quality management system, so as a consumer you can rest assure that you will be provided with the highest standard products.

HDPE fabricator machinery.
Fabrication capabilities
Geothermal fabrications for source heat pumps.
Geothermal Fabrication

Standard Pressure Fabrications

All Peak Pipe Systems standard pressure fabrications are available to order in PE100 material and are available in SDR11 Water PN16 and SDR17 Water PN10 specification (other SDR’s are available upon request).

Long radius bends for HDPE pipes.
Long Radius Bends
Standard pressure fabrications for polyethylene pipes.
Pupped Stub Flange

Product Specification

  • Mitred Bends (63mm – 630mm)
  • Pupped Equal Tees (63mm to 500mm)
  • Pupped Reduced Branch Tees
  • Pupped Reducers (63mm to 630mm)
  • Pupped Stub Flanges (63mm to 630mm)
  • Long Radius Bends (90mm – 400mm – 45 and 90 degree)- other sizes upon request.

Standard Non-Pressure Fabrications

All Peak Pipe Systems standard non-pressure fabrications are available to order in PE80 material and are available in SDR11 and SDR17 .

Product Specification

  • Fabricated Angle Branch Tees
  • Fabricated Reduced Angle Branch Tees
  • Eccentric (Level Invert) Reducers
  • Fabricated Reduced Branch Tees (Extrusion Welded)
  • All products are manufactured from DIN8074 pipe.
Non pressure fabrications for polyethylene pipes.
Non-Pressure Fabrications
Cross Piece
Cross Piece


Peak Pipe Systems supply a vast range of products to enable the removal methane gas and leachate from landfill sites.

Producing all of our fabrications on site, Peak can cater for your every demand. From bespoke 2D and 3D design, drafting, technical assistance and site consultations, consider Peak your one-stop supplier that can support your job at any stage.

Wellhead for removal of methane gas on landfill sites.
Knock out pot for removal of methane gas from landfills.
Knock-out pot

Product Specification

  • PE Pipework
  • Wellheads
  • Knock-out pots
  • Manifold Boxes
  • Chambers
  • Leachate Pumps


Peak Pipe Systems supply GSHP contractors, drillers, installers, consultants and system designers with all the products and services needed to extract heat from the ground and convey it to a ground source heat pump. We extrude pipe, assemble ground loops and fabricate all our manifolds and chambers on the same ten acre site in Chesterfield.

We can create bespoke systems to meet your specific requirements, remaining flexible to achieve the best possible outcome, Peak Pipe Systems remains one of the most diverse and accommodating companies to offer an on-site design and manufacturing service.

Product Specification

  • Ground Loops
  • Manifolds
  • Chambers
  • Bespoke Systems
  • Associated Ancillaries
Ground loops for polyethylene pipe.
Ground Loops
Geothermal chambers for source heat pumps.
Geothermal Manifold Chamber


Peak Pipe Systems are proud to offer a unique and complete bespoke design and fabrication service.  Our experienced fabrications team specialise in Polyethylene (PE) fabrications and adopt a wide variety of processing methods.

Expert designing polyethylene pipe fabrications.
Bespoke Design

We deal direct with you, the customer to ensure that your design is fully understood and designed with your goals in mind, ensuring we provide a service of the highest standard.  Whatever the application, whether it be a new design, retrofit or repair on a current system, our technical team will analyse every aspect of the job to ensure a successful outcome.  By utilising our experienced workers who specialise in a wide range of disciplines, we can offer you a service where quality is paramount.

Our design team use industry recognised 2D and 3D design software to bring your ideas to reality. Simulating your designs before they are put into production, we can eliminate any design flaws ensuring we provide products of a high quality to suit your deadlines.