Polyethylene Advantages in Aquaculture – Gael Force & Peak Pipe Systems


Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can adapt to new challenges and help solve problems. While our strength lies in polyethylene products used in utilities and infrastructure, we often take on new and exciting projects that utilise polyethylene in an innovative way.

When Gael Force, a 260-strong aquaculture business, approached us to manufacture key components for their fish pen product, we quickly built a relationship based on trust and success.

Gael Force Marine began as a 1 man fishing creel manufacturer in the Outer Hebrides. After successful growth and a move to Inverness, the company retains its strong highland heritage and values. Gael Force has a long, established history in the aquaculture industry, and over the last few years its open-net pen fish farming products have become a key focus.


The aquaculture product in question is a floating fish pen named the SeaQurePen 500, which is built to operate in extremely harsh sea conditions. It must be able to float in high currents and survive tidal events that occur far away from the Scottish coast. The product offers heavy duty, robust design and in models of 120 to 200m circumference, built with PE material which is low in maintenance but offers lasting durability. It was developed with 30 years of industry experience both at home in Scotland and in global markets.

The SeaQurePen 500 is made up of a pair of concentric flotation pipes, which are joined with brackets. It features a deck system that has a plastic handrail for operator safety. Finally, there is a plastic sinker tube with a heavy steel chain or cable inside that weighs the net down. The pen provides easy access for operations, providing integrated hazard-free distribution of services around the pen.

In working with Peak Pipe Systems, Gael Force choose us because of our expertise. “It’s one thing to design a product. It’s another to design it and understand exactly how it’s going to be made. Peak bring the manufacturing knowledge right down to the heart of our design.”


Our work with Gael Force has set the standard in product quality. They have been continually impressed with our attention to detail, with Product Development Manager, Adam Young, commenting: “Peak are their own worst critics and will spot something they’re not happy with and resolve it themselves.”

Most importantly, our expert approach means we can offer Gael Force added value by delivering cost-efficiency. “The brackets designed are fantastic. Design allows us to create a more cost-effective product. Peak are very pro-active on the tooling and project management side, which has taken a lot of difficulty away from the project. Peak have managed the whole tool design process for us.”

Gael Force and Peak Pipe Systems have built an ongoing relationship built on mutual honesty and trust. We maintain a two-way dialogue so that Gael Force’s fish pen products are the best they can be – and we remain committed to being a trusted partner who can proactively offer solutions to any challenges.

Gael Force are leaders in the aquaculture industry and Peak Pipe Systems are exceptionally proud to work on their innovative products.

If you’d like to leverage our polyethylene manufacturing capabilities and expertise, approach us with your design challenge and see how we can add value.

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