Yellow & Orange Gas Pipe

We offer a wide range of gas pipe which is accredited to GIS / PL2. The UK gas industry is renowned for strictly governed approvals and standards which manufacturers need to qualify their products against. Peak Pipe Systems manufacture a range of gas products to cater to low pressure (LP) medium pressure (MP) and intermediate pressure (IP) gas supply applications.

Our Gas Solutions

Our gas pipes are available in sizes ranging from 20mm to 355mm and are available as 6m and 12m lengths. However, we can also manufacture bespoke pipe lengths to suit your requirements. For those seeking coiled gas pipe, we also offer 20mm to 180mm.

  • PE80 Yellow Pipe Manufactured to GIS / PL2-2
  • PE100 Orange Pipe Manufactured to GIS / PL2-8
  • PE80 Yellow pupped butt welded fabrications to GIS / PL2-6

Gas Approved Range

We offer a range of fully approved pipework and fittings that are subject to the Gas Industry Standards stringent quality criteria.  This means total peace of mind across not just your pipework but your fittings and fixtures.

PE80 Yellow Pipe LP/MP (Low/Medium Pressure) GIS / PL2-2

  • PE80 Solid Yellow (20mm – 63mm)
  • PE80 black core / PE80 Yellow Outer (90mm – 355mm)

PE100 Orange Pipe IP (Intermediate Pressure) GIS / PL2-8

  • PE100 Solid Orange (63mm)
  • PE100 black core / PE100 orange outer (90mm – 355mm)

PE80 Yellow pupped fabrications manufactured to GIS / PL2-6

  • Equal Tees
  • Reducing Tees
  • Concentric Reducers
  • Stub flanges
  • Stub flange kits
  • Segmented mitre bends

All our gas products are manufactured and tested in accordance with GIS / PL2 specifications and hold Kitemark certification.

Contact our sales office now for full details and sizes in our approved range | 01246 262 702

Benefits of our gas pipe


Our strict quality process means each gas pipe is made with virgin PE80/PE100 material, making it ideal for gas sector usage where durability and long term performance is demanded. Polyethylene provides proven performance which will outlast metallic pipework.

Rated and approved

Each of our gas products offer SDR ratings from 9-11-17.6 & 21. Our gas products are also fully approved to stringent gas industry standards GIS PL2-2, GIS PL2-6, GIS PL2-8 and are Kitemark certified.


With our manufacturing facility on site, we can produce bespoke lengths and applications for gas pipe projects – whether that is upgrading older pipework or designing a new system, our gas pipe products are as flexible as you need them to be without compromising quality.

Interested in our gas pipes? Contact us today to find your nearest supplier. We offer fast turnaround times and hold high stock on our site, ready to serve your project with a rapid response rate that other manufacturers cannot offer.

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