Plastic Water Pipes

The plastic water pipes manufactured by Peak Pipe Systems offer excellent quality pipe delivered to your project with rapid turnaround times. We work with contractors and building companies across the country to supply our potable and non-potable water service pipes, which supply schools, homes, offices and other developments across the country.

Sizes Available

Our HDPE water service pipes are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all manner of projects. From 20mm through to 630mm, we offer a variety of sizes across SDR21, SDR17, SD11 and SDR9 options.

Our water pipes are able to withstand high pressure applications and are therefore suitable for a variety of industries. Whatever your project’s requirements are, we can help.

  • Service pipe
    Our blue potable water service pipe is available in 20mm – 63mm and crafted with PE80. We offer non-potable service pipe and mains pipe in coils of 90-180mm and sticks of 90mm-630mm.
  • Mains Pipe
    Our mains pipe is available in sizes from 90mm 630mm and made with heavy density PE100 with co-extruded dark blue PE100. Used in buried potable systems. Non-potable black is also available.
  • Straight sticks
    We offer straight polyethylene sticks in PE100 (HDPE) and PE80 (MDPE) which can be joined with electrofusion, butt fusion, mechanical or push fit methods.

Benefits of our water service pipe


Our high quality plastic water pipes offer long-lasting quality that can withstand high pressure applications and can prevent the ingress of contaminants. See our barrier pipe page for more information.

Drinking water pipe

Our potable water pipe is crafted to the highest possible standards, delivering fully-approved solutions to the industry that are able to handle up to 16 bar of pressure. All pipe is made with virgin material and offers long-lasting, maintenance-free infrastructure that will provide clean drinking water to sites for decades without the need for replacement. Unlike metal materials, which can degrade or break down and cause leakage, plastic water pipes offer additional reassurance and cost-efficiency.

Sectors for water pipe

In addition to traditional housing developments, we offer water pipe for a range of markets including rainwater harvesting. Learn more about the markets we serve here.

If you need to source water pipe for your project, we hold a high amount of stock in our facility and can deliver to your site fast. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Fabrications and Fittings

Our electrofusion fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the perfect complement to our water pipe range.

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