Polyethylene Pipes – Now up to ø630mm

With our extensive extrusion capabilities, we are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of high quality polyethylene pipe and utility pipe; tested, accredited and approved against key industry standards. We now offer pipe up to ø630mm please ask for more details.

PE Pipe Extrusion capabilities

With our on-site extensive extrusion capabilities, Peak Pipe Systems can supply products to suit every requirement. Our state of the art co-extrusion plant is capable of producing HDPE pipe in a wide range of external colour options.

All of our standard products are produced using high grade virgin PE100 & PE80 polymer,  both high-density and medium-density polyethylene grades with exceptional pressure ratings and durability.

For our non-pressure applications, Peak offers the option of pipe manufactured from recycled polymer at a significantly cheaper cost Whilst reducing total product life carbon footprint.

View our size capability chart.

Extrusion line for manufacturing HDPE pipes.
Extrusion capabilities - black
Blue HDPE pipe being manufactured.
Extrusion capabilities - blue
White Co-Extruded
White Co-Extruded

Polyethylene Pipe For Your Sector

Our PE pipe is manufactured to the highest standards and sees use across the country and worldwide thanks to our reputation for quality. We manufacture a range of different polyethylene utility pipe designed specifically for the following industries.

Gas Distribution Pipes

Gas PE pipe must be robust and durable, minimising any potential of risk. At Peak Pipe Systems we have vast experience in the sector and produce yellow service and mains pipes used by utility companies across the UK. We offer both pipework and fittings for the gas distribution sector which are accredited to industry standard GIS PL2 specification.

Water Distribution Pipes

We have experience and expertise in manufacturing plastic water service pipe for both potable and non-potable water projects across the country for housing developments and agricultural usage  manufactured to industry standards EN-12201

Electricity Pipe

We produce pipe for housing electrical and fibre optic cables which are suitable for horizontal directional drilling installation as part of our innovative Clearduct range which eliminates the risk of cable shearing when  installing. Our  electrical duct pipe is used throughout the country in some of the most exciting renewable wind energy projects, including Hornsea Project One & Two.

Utility Pipe

All our HDPE & MDPE pipes manufactured for use within the utilities sector are manufactured and accredited to industry standards to ensure they’re fit for purpose and will perform to the highest standards and are suitable for a minimum design life of 50 years in operation.


Straight Sticks

Straight PE sticks are available in PE100 (HDPE) and PE80 (MDPE) which can be joined either by electrofusion, butt fusion, compression or push-fit fittings.

Black - Straight Sticks
Black - Straight Sticks
Pile of polyethylene sticks in a pipe yard.
Blue - Straight Sticks

Product Specification

  • Virgin Material – EN12201
  • Size range – 20mm to 630mm
  • Standard products Black or Blue with other colour options available on request.
  • SDR ratings from 41 to 7.4 (size dependent).
  • Typical SDR’s 11 and 17
  • Available in 6m, 12m and 13.5m sticks (other lengths available upon request)
  • Pipe is marked clearly to allow for ease of recognition and batch traceability


Pipe coils are available in PE100 (HDPE) and PE80 (MDPE) in a range of diameters and lengths. Pre wound and strapped, our coils are delivered to you, ready for installation

Product Specification

  • Virgin Material – EN12201
  • Size range – 20mm to 180mm (bespoke coil lengths available upon request)
  • Standard products Black or Blue with other colour options available on request.
  • SDR ratings from 17 to 9 (size dependent)
  • Typical SDR’s 11 and 17
  • Various lengths available
Black HDPE coil pipes.
Black Coils
Blue pipe coil.
Blue Coils

Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation

Peak Pipe Systems supply a range of polyethylene pressure pipes for reclaimed external water pipework both above and below ground. The pipe is identified by 4 x green stripes.

Green stripe HDPE pipe coils.
GreenStripe Pipe
Green stripe pipe coils.
GreenStripe Coil

Product Specification

  • Virgin Material – EN12201 – PE100
  • Size range –
    • 25mm to 500mm – 6m and 12m sticks
    • 25mm to 180mm – coils
  • Pressure ratings of PN10 or PN16 for larger commercial projects
  • Suitable for use with electrofusion fittings
  • Product markings available include – Recycled water, Reclaimed, Non-Potable, Irrigation and Rainwater

Electrical Ducting

Peak Pipe Systems manufacturers and supplies Electrical Cable Ducting for HDD applications.

Product Specification

  • Size range –
    • 63mm to 630mm – SDR11 – straight sticks
    • 63mm to 180mm – Coils
  • 6m and 12m lengths (other lengths available upon request)
  • NEW – ClearDuct Electrical Cable Ducting – Eliminates the need for internal de-beading.  Machined pipe wall provides specifically designed recess for bead seating, guaranteeing no protrusion of the bead into the internal plane of the pipe.
Length of electrical cable ducting.
Electrical Cable Ducting
ECD on Site
ECD on Site


Peak Pipe Systems Multi Utility Flyer
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ClearDuct Cable Ducting Video
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ClearDuct Brochure 2018
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