ClearDuct HDPE Innovative Electrical Cable Ducting

Optimize operational productivity and eliminate any risk associated with problematic internal debeading

ClearDuct HDPE is a revolutionary product from our innovative design team which eliminates the issues associated with traditional butt fused HDPE ducting for Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) Applications.

For installers, this eliminates risks and associated costs. For specifiers and operational managers, it enhances project efficiency and provides a guaranteed internal bore diameter.

It is designed to allow the safe and efficient installation of AC & DC electrical cables without the risk of shearing or damage during cable towing. Made from durable PE100 polyethylene, ClearDuct results in a recessed internal bead which means there is no bead protrusion – eliminating the risk of cable damage.
ClearDuct results in decreased labour costs, enhanced installation efficiency and damage mitigation as well as more certainty in the project planning process. Protect you most valuable assets with ClearDuct from Peak Pipe Systems.

How it Works

ClearDuct consists of premium quality PE100 pipe with CNC machined pipe ends, which once welded, consume the weld bead within the pipe wall therefore removing the need to internally debead each joint. This increases operational productivity, whilst more importantly mitigating any risk of damage to the high voltage electrical cables during the pull through installation as the internal bead is completely withdrawn from the internal bore of the pipe.

Traditional butt fusion welding requires internal debeading to eliminate the weld bead as a potential snagging point. As all contractors know, this is a lengthy process which is difficult to carry out on 12mtr lengths to a consistant standard. It also negates camera surveillance before commissioning the pipeline.

The carefully calculated design has been developed to ensure the strongest possible weld geomotery when the pipes are under tremendous tensile strain during installation.

ClearDuct Benefits

Bespoke faster welding cycle times

The welding parameters associated with ClearDuct are up to 65% quicker than standard water industry welding parameters. Increase your operational efficiency and accelerate project delivery schedules.

No internal debeading necessary

ClearDuct means you can avoid the entire debeading process and eliminate any risk of snagging or shearing the electrical cables. This therefore allows you to utilize longer length pipes and as a result reduce the number of welds in the project.

Reduce risk and cost

By removing the need to debead and the risk of damage, ClearDuct makes the process of electrical cable ducting and laying cables cheaper and safer.

Guarantees maximum internal bore diameter

Ensure the host ducting can accommodate your electrical cable array with no obstructions.

Technical Features

  • Size range 90mm – 315mm
  • SDR11 C1+
  • Solid black colour
  • PE100 virgin material
  • Designed, manufactured and tested to the key functional requirements of ENA TS 12-24.
  • Fully automated butt fusion welding parameters
  • Registered design profile
  • Lenghts: 6m, 9m, 12m, 13.5, 15m lengths


  • Extensive batch release testing is carried out on every manufactured batch to ensure suitability for application including but not limited to:
    • Material properties tests
    • Appearance and colour checks
    • Geometrical checks
    • Marking inspection
    • Elongation at break
    • Tensile strength for butt fusion
  • Periodic product testing
    • Resistance to internal pressure @ 80°
    • Resistance to internal pressure @ 20°
    • Resistance to slow crack propagation.
  • Full scale tensile testing (show before and after image (in attached email)
Clearduct test before
Clearduct test after

ClearDuct For Windfarms/Renewables

The renewables sector involves the laying of enormous amounts of electrical cables – often kilometers worth. With such a high volume of cable, the risk of damage is almost ever-present.  ClearDuct allows renewable companies to completely mitigate this risk.

ClearDuct is utilized for the onshore cable networks when HDD is required to negotiate the cable route under a natural obstruction in the pipe route such as roads, motorways, railways, rivers and existing pipeline assets.

Wherever LV/HV cables are required to be protected, consider ClearDuct to do the job.

Welding Time Calculator

Enter the details to calculate how much time you can save using ClearDuct by Peak



Welding Parameters Peak ClearDuct 2018 WIS 4-31-08 Units
Pipe Size (mm) 250 250 mm
Pipe Meters Select Pipe Meters meters
Pipe Stick Lengths (m) meters
Number of joints - - joints
Joint Cycle (sec) 434 1450 Secs
Hours of Welding - - Hours
Days of Welding - - Days
You will save ? days of welding!