Peak Pipe Systems, a market leading polyethylene pipe manufacturer recently held an innovative product familiarisation day to help increase awareness of the manufacturing, testing and quality assurance processes which must be adhered to in order to create safer material supply into the gas industry.

Peak Pipe Systems Ltd, Fusion Group Ltd & ControlPoint Ltd hosted a full technical event for the Yorkshire Gas Association (YGA) on Wed 12th Feb 2020 held on Sheepbridge Estate in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Peak Pipe Systems used the YGA gas forum as a platform to announce that as on January 2020 it has obtained full Kitemark certification on it’s 7 bar intermediate pressure (IP) orange gas pipe range. Peak have now joined the limited supply chain with a full, low pressure (LP), medium pressure (MP) and intermediate pressure (IP) pipe range. This will help promote competition within the gas industry and help mitigate supply issues on critical gas infrastructure, improving on overall product lead times and reducing the overall impact on the customer.

In addition to this news Peak now offer a full range of conforming fabricated fittings to GIS PL2-6, becoming one of the only manufacturers and suppliers of fully conforming, pressure rated, fabricated gas fittings in the UK.

Operations Director of Peak Pipe Systems, Russ Brown, conducted a factory tour of unit 1 (pipe manufacture) & unit 2 (fabrications) facilities, showing employees from Cadent Gas, AVK UK, Ameon Utilities, Energy Assets, Kimplas, PE Weldright, and National Grid the full butt fusion capabilities along with a bespoke fabrications department.

This tour helped to highlight the Peak Pipe Systems fully approved pressure conforming range which includes mains pipe, service coils and fabricated fittings. Guests was also invited to tour neighbouring facilities involved in the intensive testing that helps ensure PE pipes are compliant and fully safe in pressurised applications. These facilities included Fusion Group Ltd and ControlPoint LTD.

The day was a great success for all involved, with the Yorkshire Gas Association gaining an understanding of the advantages of strict polyethylene pipe testing and the importance of using fully approved products.


Tommy Knott – Energy Assets

Our hosts, Marc and Russ were very welcoming, knowledgeable and were both clearly passionate about their company.

The Yorkshire Gas Association visit to Peak Pipe Systems was one of the best site visits I have attended.  it was well structured, varied and very informative covering all aspects of the company’s comprehensive portfolio.


Shawn Lewis – Cadent Gas Limited

The hosts were very knowledgeable of their products and services available. The tour covered many parts of the manufacture and assembly process whilst explaining what improvements & investments had been or were currently being made.


I was unaware of the volume of products offered by Peak Pipes and found the tour informative, gaining further knowledge across key business areas. I was impressed by their commitment to local resources, including their site, employees and local businesses.


Patrick Jackson – AVK UK Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed my site tour at Fusion, Peak Pipe Systems & Control Point. Being fresh to the industry, I found the experience extremely informative and educational, but that wasn’t just me. There was around 400 years of cumulative experience with my group, and talking with them afterwards, they had all learned something new, even though many had been for the tour just a few years earlier. I’d highly recommend it to all.


Ian Wilson – National Grid Metering

A really informative visit which will be a usual addition to my IGEM CPD.


Paul Mason – Energy Assets

Marc was very knowledgeable and attending to all of the visitor’s questions that arose through our visit. Yorkshire Gas Association are very grateful for the hospitality offered throughout the visit.


Paul Thompson – Kimplas

Very interesting tour and in-depth demonstration of the Control Point system. Good to understand the capabilities of Peaks pipe manufacturing.