Peak Pipe Systems Limited is legislated by the relevant ISO and EN
standards across its health, safety and quality management programs
Peak Pipe Systems accreditations.


Products supplied by Peak Pipe Systems are accredited under the following standards –

  • Virgin Material PE100/PE80 Pipe- BS EN12201 BV1144/001& BV1144/002
  • Greenstripe – BS EN12201
  • Gas Yellow PE80 – GIS/PL2-2:2016- BSI KM676129
  • Gas Orange PE100- GIS/PL2-8:2014- BSI KM718869
  • Electrical Cable Ducting – First Generation Regrind
  • Siphonic Drainage- “B” Application Only- BS EN1519-1:2019-BV1144/005
  • Clear Duct Cable Ducting
  • Full Regrind

If you are in any doubt as to the best pipe for your particular application, one of our materials specialists would be happy to advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective option.

Material and Product Test Facilities

Peak Pipe Systems operates extensive manufacturing, test and inspection facilities.

  • 1400m2 extensive test facilities
  • Raw materials testing
  • Product batch release testing
  • Type test approvals
  • New product development
  • Forensic quality investigations
1400m2 extensive test facilities
1400m2 extensive test facilities
Forensic quality investigations
Forensic quality investigations

Types of Testing

Peak Pipe Systems conducts a variety of tests to ensure that traceability is maintained throughout the quality system – from Polymer through to each individual product.

Raw Materials Testing - Density
Raw Materials Testing - Density
Raw Materials Testing - Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
Raw Materials Testing - Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
Raw Materials Testing -<br />
Oxidation Induction Time
Raw Materials Testing -
Oxidation Induction Time
Hydrostatic Testing
Hydrostatic Testing
Destructive Testing - Tensile
Destructive Testing - Tensile
Destructive Testing - Peel
Destructive Testing - Peel

Health and Safety

Peak Pipe Systems operates its health and safety management processes to an extremely high standard. Internal and external auditing ensures that the periodic formal review of safety performance takes place, while root cause analysis tools are used to ensure that incidents and accidents are thoroughly investigated and preventative measures put into place.

An innovative behavioral safety program is used to involve all of the Company’s employees in the identification of hazards and the reduction of risk, within both the shop floor and office environments.

Certifications & Approvals (Downloads)

KM676129 GISPL2-2-2016 Yellow PE80 Gas.pdf
Size 700.7 KiB
Download: KM676129-GISPL2-2-2016-Yellow-PE80.pdf
KM 718869 GIS-PL2-8 Orange PE100 Gas
Size 695.3 KiB
Download: KM-718869-GIS-PL2-8-Orange-PE100-Gas.pdf

BV1144-001 PPS1 Expire 08-04-2021 BS-UNI-EN-12201-2
Size 240.8 KiB
Download: BV1144-001-PPS1-Expire-08-04-2021-BS-UNI-EN-12201-2.pdf
BV1144-002 PPS2 Expire 08-04-2021 BS-UNI-EN-12201-2
Size 237.2 KiB
Download: BV1144-002-PPS2-Expire-08-04-2021-BS-UNI-EN-12201-2.pdf

BV1144-005 PPS1+2 Expire 07-03-2022 BS-EN-1519-1
Size 144.1 KiB
Download: BV1144-005-PPS12-Expire-07-03-2022-BS-EN-1519-1.pdf

BV1144-003 PPS1 Expire 08-04-2021 BS-UNI-EN-1555-2
Size 216.6 KiB
Download: BV1144-003-PPS1-Expire-08-04-2021-BS-UNI-EN-1555-2.pdf
BV1144-004 PPS2 Expire 08-04-2021 BS-UNI-EN-1555-2
Size 217.9 KiB
Download: BV1144-004-PPS2-Expire-08-04-2021-BS-UNI-EN-1555-2.pdf

FM 654870 ISO 9001-2015-PPS1
Size 475.6 KiB
Download: Peak-Pipe-Systems-FM-654870-ISO-9001-2015.pdf

DWI (Reg 31) Peak Pipe Systems -DWI 56. 4. 548 Approved Product Change Acceptance July 2018-Certificate
Size 673.5 KiB
Download: 56-4-548-Approved-Product-Change-Acceptance-July-2018-Cert.-Only.pdf

PSIFU01 Issue 07 DWI Information
Size 1.0 MiB
Download: PSIFU01-Issue-07-DWI-Information-on-Peak-Pipe-Systems-Ltd-08.05.2018.pdf
Scottish DWI Letter 2018 - DWI 56.4.548
Size 243.9 KiB
Download: Scottish-DWI-Letter-2018-DWI-56.4.548.pdf

Northern Ireland DWi Letter
Size 276.2 KiB
Download: Northern-Ireland-DWi-Letter.pdf
PPS1+2 WRAS Approval 1602507 for Blue PE100 Co-Extruded Pipe
Size 67.8 KiB
Download: PPS1-2-WRAS-Approval-1602507-for-PE100-Blue-Co-Extruded-Pipe.pdf

PPS1 WRAS Approval For PE100 Black Grades
Size 67.7 KiB
Download: PPS1-WRAS-Approval-for-PE100-Black-Grades.pdf

PPS2 WRAS Approval 1604503 For PE100/80 Grades
Size 67.8 KiB
Download: PPS2-WRAS-Approval-1604503-for-PE100PE80-Grades.pdf